Professional Services (PS)
As and when you need an extra pair of hands or two, we are here to help :-)
“Customer service is an attitude- not a department.” — Mo Hardy
Services Wrapped Around Products (SWAP)
Intersoftkk created Professional Services Marketing today to be a resource for Professional Services (PS) marketers, executives, businessman & practitioners. Intersoft sells and distributes a number of products throughout the world. While we implement these products at clients, we require trained and skilled resources who would assist our clients in migration and implementation. We call these resources who are trained and certified these products as SWAP resources.
Full Time Contract (FTC)
In this augmentation of resources model, we help our customers scale up or scale down with Intersoft resources who will be on our payroll but act as client resources for project related activities. We discover and employ quality candidates either directly from the market or on loan model from our partners. After the completion of the client project, we return partner consultants to the partners.
Under flexi-proactive professional resourcing plan, Intersoft consultants work with client teams and act on behalf of the client; Clients have the flexibility to hire some of these C2H consultants and on-board them as permanent staff after satisfactory performance.
Direct Placement
Intersoft conducts search and qualify candidates from the market with the right skill sets the client is looking for to fill a position as a permanent staff. The skill set ranges from niche skills to executive skills.