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  • You need to focus on more important projects
  • It’s difficult for you to manage a remote team on a task basis
  • When you lack expertise in a specific technology
  • When your engineering organization has limited scalability
  • Local engineering resources are prohibitively expensive
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Flexibility & Speed

Building a great application and/or a website is only a part of the solution. What every business needs is a responsive and reliable support partner who provides the services after development. Our multilingual and multinational support team offers Application Development Modernization and Support services to ensure that we keep running these applications and/or websites. Flexibility and speed are our support mantra. We tailor make the client service model and reduce cost by combining onshore and offshore modernization and support.


Modernization plays a great role in improving customer experience, quality access to the data essential to digital enablement, and growth. It is this aspect that we focus to help grow our clients’ business. Intersoft team helps you transition and modernize aged IT application systems and/or legacy application systems by undertaking this modernization and transition project(s). Our process delivers a roadmap between where you are today and where you would like to be in the near future. We then do it through discovery analysis, business/technology review, and collaboration workshop that culminates in an actionable, fact-based project plan. We also assist our clients to put their modern Application Development on private or public clouds.

Efficient Delivery

Intersoft takes each project and execute each project in a non-disruptive and responsive manner thereby alleviating any issues that might pop up during the execution.
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