Fintech Solutions
We empower businesses to monetise on technology.
Maximise your revenue by setting up automated management for your portfolio of financial services. Rapidly react to changing market conditions, adopt newest tools, manage risks and unlock the hidden value of your data. Intersoft is ready to secure your needs with scalable and reliable Fintech Solutions and lead you through insight-driven growth.
According to PwC survey, 88% of financial institutions believe they are losing revenue to innovators.We can help you be in the other 12%.
What do you get
Ensure faster performance
Extensive automation, analytics and blockchain technology will help you boost your operational efficiency, cut down on transaction fees and diversify payment options. Intersoft will provide you with the high-quality research, development and support services for data management, investment accounting, performance measurement and attribution solutions.
Protect your assets against fraud
Among the main challenges that financial institutions face today are fraud and identity theft. Intersoft team will assist you in creating a secure storage and blockchain-based transfer for all kinds of data with no third-party intermediary required. With us, you will get quality implementation and the support of global industry regulations to address your expanding needs.
Optimise remittance cost and timee
Usually, transactions can take from an hour to more than a week. With such technology as blockchain, you can safely carry out and accept payments globally in minutes, 24/7. In comparison to the standard wire transfers, the transaction costs are very low. Intersoft will help your company save on peer-to-peer transfers and international remittances by leveraging this distributed financial technology.
Calculate complex financial risks
Looking for a way to manage major credit, market and operational risks more effectively? With the help of Intersoftprediction modeling of risks exposure, you will be able to significantly decrease the amount of time required to calculate operational risks for your business line in real time.
Services we deliver
  • Advanced analytics
  • Risk modelling
  • Real-time data processing
  • Blockchain software development
  • Identity management
  • Asset management and monitoring
  • Portfolio management system
Domains we serve
  • Investment Management & Brokerage
  • Hedge Funds & Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Security Management & Trading
  • Cards & Payments
How we did it before
Blockchain Solutions
Blockchain Solutions