Autonomous Vehicles – the future of driverless ride!
The future of driverless vehicles is no longer a dream! It is fast approaching to reality – with the assistance of sensors, cameras, radars coupled with AI and IoT, the world is now on its way to a driverless ride as these technologies offer increased safety and better user experience(Vehicle Infotainment System). Intersoft is focusing in the following areas:
  • Autonomous Driving: AI and IoT
  • Infotainment & navigation
  • ADAS
  • ATS – software
We help our clients implement navigation system(Vehicle Infotainment System) and has a track record of implementing and testing of navigation systems for a number of car manufacturers. In addition, our engineers have experience testing a number of audio systems as well as Wifi in car system for a few global auto manufacturers. Our embedded engineering group possesses experience in working with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) for safer and improved driving experience as well as ATS (Advanced Telematic Systems) for over-the-air software development and deployment. If you would like to contact us for a FREE consultation, please feel free to CONTACT us.