Message from CEO
In change, we believe!
“Be the Change you want to see in this World” -- M. K. Gandhi

In change, we believe: currently we are Transforming to Digitalization …

New year, new resolution and the whole world welcomes a sea of changes – President Putin’s reelection in Russia for eternity; President Xi was ascended to the golden throne in China for good; UK is adjusting its nuts and bolts to welcome the Brexit; President Trump is closing its doors to the immigrants in the US, be it DACA or H1B or the Mexican wall; Prime Minister Abe’s change of the Japanese constitution and the list continues. A few notable changes worth mentioning here are i) declaration of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, ii) Saudi Arabia allowing women drivers to drive on the road, iii) meeting of the Chairman Kim Jong Un, the supreme power of North Korea with the US President Donald Trump, iv) declaration of a number of strict sanctions on Russia and Russian citizens for meddling with the US 2016 election. Among all those glooms and dooms, there are quite a few bright spots; the unemployment rate around the globe is at its lowest in the world history. The capital markets are vibrant for the G7 countries, the equity market in the US is especially growing rapidly like we have never seen before, and India’s robust growth is driving BRICS and VISTA economies. Digital economy is slowly but surely replacing the old manufacturing-based economy, which is evident from the market place. Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Salesforce, Paypal, eBay, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify, Facebook continue to perform to prove their point – digital economy is in its full bloom! At the same time, new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and digitization (automation) are playing their roles as the new kids on the block. Intersoft is busy architecting its solutions wrapping around the digital world. We started distributing Automation Anywhere (AA), DocuSign, Eltropy (digital messaging) and KornChain, a blockchain based solution to its customers around the globe. Intersoft are training and reskilling our work force to adjust to this Digitalization era. We have deep roots in offering multilingual service and will continue to dominate our offerings in that area in the Asian market place.. David Rakhit President & CEO David Rakhit President & CEO