Millennials are driving leadership changes – flat management structure; flexibility and work-life balance; preference for leaders who seek employee feedback!

02.Our team

Intersoft global corporate leadership team

Intersoft leadership is transforming to create the new millennial platform whereby we are removing the middle management layers to make our organization more flat. At the same time, we are getting away with the old style of management as our leaders saw it coming by seeing their millennials growing in front of them in this digital era. Our corporate management goal is not to make policies for the sake of policy making like our predecessors did. We want to ensure that the millennials feel that the policies make sense. Finally, our leadership always seeks to empower and transform the millennials to help benefit the organization they work for.
Debashis David Rakhit
Chairman and Group CEO
Koichi Hama
Director Of Digital Marketing & Transformation
Thomas J Dalton
CSO & Member of the Management Board
Hiroshi Mano
Corporate Auditor